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Security Press WordPress Plugin to Keep Your Site Secure.

Security Press has long list of WordPress security features which will reduce the security threat to your Wordpress website, underneath you will find some highlighted features.

Essential Security Test

Quick fixes to all the security loopholes of your WordPress website left open during installation. One click diagnosis and easy fix the found issues, all without any technical help.

Backup / Restore

One click Backup and Restore. You can store you backup at multiple locations based on your choice: Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, and Email. If you haven't got any time, you can easily schedule it and just forget about it and Security Press will take care of it!

Password Aging

Mandatory password changes is considered as one of the best security practices. If it's enabled, after a certain period of preset time it will force users to change their password before they login.

Login Lockdown

One of the best features against Brute Force Attacks. After more than a preset number of failed login attempts are detected Security Press will get activated and lock out the user.

Maintenance Mode

When you are busy updating your Website, users who are not logged in see a maintenance mode page.

Common Password Directory

Security Press prevents your users to use most commonly used passwords which are easy to guess by any Brute Force Attack tool. Feel free to add more passwords to the directory and make the tool even better.

Captcha at Login Page

You can add captcha to your Admin login screen at one click. You can also customize it according the look of your website.

404 Detection

404 detection is a feature which records the attempt of a user or a bot trying to scan the loopholes to hack your website.

Traffic Logs

The Logs feature gives in-depth information of live traffic, login/logout, and live events happening on your website. Security Press Traffic log enables you to record all your website traffic.
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If I have more then one key and not all of them are active , how does renewal works in that case ?

All the keys are by default get the expiry date of 1 year from the day of purchase. So no matter  how many of the are active or deactivate all need to be renewed after 1 year. We strongly suggest that you purchase only number of required copes of the plugin to make full use of the plugin to secure your website.

How does renewal works , when do I need the renew the product ?

After the purchase you will get product key. Product key is valid for exactly 1 year from the day of the purchase.  So to get the updates and new features after 1 year you need to renew the product key.  Be rest assured that you will be notified for the renewal of key before the expiry date.

How would I handle my website licenses?

You could view a wide list of licensed websites from the Login Page.

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